About Us

GOOD EARTH HEMP COMPANY is nestled within the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation, thrives in the understanding from the Creator that all living things are related.

Good Earth Hemp Company was created to bring alternative medicine and a variety of health products to our native American reservations and communities, as well as for the public. Our company will brings opportunities such as jobs in agricultural, manufacturing, transportation and sales positions.

Good Earth Hemp Company goals include the manufacturing the hemp oils into products such as oil, cream and lotion to hemp foods, textiles and ethanol. Our company promotes clean air alternatives and environmental friendly products.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience on Mother Earth; our connection to her and her plants is our way of life. We as Lakota Sioux natives honor our relationship and spirit of plants when we harvest them for our needs. Though science has only recently proven that we share the same DNA with plants, the Lakota Sioux have always believed that plants are our medicine. The time has come to share the truths of our plant relative: HEMP.

Lakota Sioux are descended from the stars of the seven sisters We honor the gift of knowledge given to us by our Creator, along with the rights to call on everything under the sun to help doctor our mind, body and spirit.

Mitakuye Oaysin – “we are all related.”

Multiple Potencies

We offer a vast array of potencies, and if you contact us we’ll work with you to create the perfect medicine.

The Most Affordable

We take pride in the way we produce our product, but we’re savvy in our techniques and that will save you money!

We Are Here!

Day or night, we are here when you need us! Simply contact us and we’ll help you!

What Our Customers Are Saying!

The product works very well and it’s a pleasure to support my fellow native Americans!